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Lavendelseife – mehr als „nur beruhigend“

Lavender soap - more than "just soothing

Apr 03, 2022

Few fragrances have such a high recognition value as lavender. As soon as the gentle smell hits the nose, many people think of the plant with the characteristic shade of purple.

However, lavender soap can definitely do much more than just spread a pleasant scent. There are many reasons that speak in favor of integrating the natural ingredient into your own bathroom routine.


Reason #1: Lavender can also refresh you 

Although most people associate lavender with a warm bath in winter, the natural ingredient can also be invigorating and refreshing. Especially if it is used, for example, in the warm season as an addition to a foot bath after a hard day. For an optimal effect, the water should of course not be too hot.


Reason #2: Lavender as a remedy for oversized pores

Many are familiar with the problem: the pores on the face are comparatively large and clog quickly. This often results in skin irritations that can lead to redness and pimples. Here, too, lavender can help to counteract this if necessary. "By the way" it also has the effect of a small wellness treatment when the scent of the flowers spreads over your face.

Depending on the skin type, it makes sense to use a moisturizing cream after washing.


Reason #3: Lavender can also help against sunburn 

The day at the beach or at the lake was longer than expected and the sun was too intense? In this case, too, a treatment with lavender is often worthwhile. Before applying a moisturizing mask and the like, the face must be freed from the remains of the sunscreen. A mix of lukewarm water and lavender soap is particularly suitable for this. The smell is refreshing, but can soothe the skin at the same time. Exactly the combination that is needed to keep a day in summer in positive memory only.


Reason #4: High on the reassurance scale

In a list that deals with the reasons why it is worth relying on the advantages of lavender soap, the absolute classic should not be missing: the calming factor, which often ensures that not only the skin but also the the soul can also relax.

Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy this advantage is in the bathtub. Many lavender fans looking for a special wellness experience will find exactly what they are looking for here. If you want to enhance the effect a little, you can not only use lavender soap, but also flowers that are sprinkled in.


Reason #5: Lots of childhood memories

Many people have a kind of "scent memory". Often all that is needed here is a hint of a certain smell and they feel transported back to their childhood. The memory that many people have when they smell lavender is usually very positive. Some think of the visits to grandma's garden, others of the first perfume they wore.

This is wonderful proof that the plant is not only good for the skin but also for the soul and can put a smile on your face.