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5 Beauty Tipps für eine vielseitige Nutzung von Aloe Vera Seifen

5 Beauty Tips for Versatile Use of Aloe Vera Soaps

Mar 11, 2022

Aloe Vera soaps can be incorporated into the beauty routine in a variety of ways. In addition to the classic hand and face washing, there are other ways to take full advantage of the benefits of this special plant.

But what does this actually mean in detail? The following tips show how versatile face and body care with aloe vera can be. If you're looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place.


Tip No. 1: Aloe Vera against dry, irritated skin

Dry and irritated skin is not only a problem for many people in winter. Don't worry! Many problems of this kind can often be solved with the help of aloe vera soap.

Natural care is often able to soothe the skin and make it look more radiant again. Many speak - especially in summer - of a refreshing effect, which can also be used for a relaxed start to the day.


Tip #2: Use aloe vera soap to exfoliate

Fancy a homemade peeling? Here, too, aloe vera can quickly become a proven helper by frothing it up and mixing it with some coffee powder or turmeric powder, for example. Depending on how intense the peeling should be, the amount of peeling (and accordingly the amount of peeling grains) can be adjusted.

Additional tip: Even if aloe vera cares for the skin over the long term, it should not be peeled too often. It is usually sufficient to remove old scales from the skin once a week.


Tip No. 3: Ideal for pre-treatment as part of a face mask 

In order for face masks to have the best possible effect, it is of course important that they are only applied to cleansed facial skin. Among other things, aloe vera soaps are great for providing the right basis.

Irritations can also often be prevented due to the skin-soothing effect that often sets in here. The freshness with which the affected areas of the skin are additionally pampered creates a pleasant basis for a “wellness treatment”, especially in summer.


Tip #4: Suitable for cleaning shaved skin

Razor pimples not only look unsightly, they can also cause itching and reddened areas. They often occur not only because the skin was irritated by shaving, but also because the wrong care products were used afterwards. The calming effect of aloe vera soap can often be used here as well.

(If those unloved razor bumps keep coming back and don't go away even after washing the affected areas with aloe vera soap, it's best to see a dermatologist.)


Tip No. 5: Great combination options with aloe vera leaves 

If you fancy an extensive aloe vera treatment, you should also own a complete plant – parallel to the soap.

Looking for an inspiration? No problem! After cleaning the face with a mixture of lukewarm water and soap, natural aloe vera gel from a leaf can be used as a care for the under-eye area. The skin is thus supplied with a larger portion of moisture in the corresponding areas. Rose soap can often be recognized at first glance due to its characteristic appearance. Since it not only manages to spray an enchanting scent, but can also act as a real eye-catcher - for example in the guest bathroom - it shows once again why it still manages to appeal to care lovers hundreds of years later and to inspire beauty.