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Handgeschöpfte Salzseife als wertvolles Accessoire für die Beautypflege

Handmade salt soap as a valuable accessory for beauty care

May 08, 2022

More and more people who are looking for an addition to their cleansing and care routine are deciding to integrate handmade salt soap into their beauty routine. Our high-quality products from this category offer numerous advantages and meet high standards. Accordingly, not only the skin benefits, but also the ease of care.

The following reasons show why it makes sense to rely on handmade salt soap and its benefits - not only in connection with an application on the face, but even on the whole body.


Reason No. 1: High quality standards

Our handmade salt soap is a product that we associate with particularly high quality standards. It consists of valuable plants and 10 percent pure sea salt. In the course of production, we completely dispense with the use of dyes. It is up to you whether you ultimately decide on salt soap with or without perfume. (For sensitive skin, we recommend the unscented version.)


Reason No. 2: A convincing care and cleaning effect 

The valuable ingredients regulate the moisture balance of the skin. Our handmade salt soap can also be used to clean irritated and demanding skin. The areas of application are correspondingly diverse. Whether on the face or body: with this product, you can be sure of a high-quality soap that will make your care routine even more individual.


Reason No. 3: A pleasant feeling on the skin 

After using the handmade salt soap, there is no need to apply lotion directly. On the contrary! The slightly dry feeling that is often typical when using soap quickly disappears. You will then perceive your skin as pleasantly soft. The goal: with fewer products - in every respect - high-quality results.


Reason No. 4: Can also be used in connection with skin imperfections 

Do you suffer from impure skin and pimples and have you been looking for the right cleansing products for a long time? In this case, it could also be worthwhile to rely on the advantages of handmade salt soap. The valuable ingredients can often help the skin to calm down. The slight burning sensation that can occur with sores and salt soap is normal and usually goes away after a few moments.


Reason #5: Salt Soap to Exfoliate

Since our high-quality salt soap contains 10 percent pure sea salt, among other things, this product is also ideal for gently rubbing off scaly, dead skin. You not only benefit from convincing care, but also from the fact that with the help of this product you can often ensure a more radiant complexion. After the appropriate application, the skin feels fresh and cared for.



Sea salt has long played an important role in modern skin care. Salt and other valuable ingredients come together in our handmade soap. This is exactly what gives you the opportunity not only to enjoy with different senses, but also the chance to do something good for your skin in a natural way.